The Way to a Woman’s Heart?

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Well most of us know that Valentines Day is the day of lovers and a day for giving gifts to people you care about but why is chocolate still the most popular gift given on Valentines Day? Why is chocolate is so closely connected with romance?
Since chocolate was brought to Europe it’s been considered the food of love. The Spanish who brought it to Europe learnt about chocolate in the Aztecs. It was however a European tradition that each year on the 14th of February young men would court young girls with flowers and presents and since back then chocolate was rare and expensive it was not long before this was the favourite gift given by the rich and aristocratic who could supply this for the object of their affections. It wasn’t long however before the secret of chocolate got out and soon chocolate houses were opening up across Europe, the finest of which were and are still in Belgium. While previously the best Belgian chocolates were only available to the very wealthy, nowadays it is much less expensive, so that everyone can enjoy them. More importantly they are cheap enough that you can give them to those you care about on Valentines Day and any other day of the year.
Why is chocolate still so popular as a Valentines gift, is it just the promotion? Well, since Valentines Day was exported into the USA it’s been used to advertise everything from wrapping paper and cuddly toys to expensive items such as jewellery. However why is it that the historical connection between chocolate and Valentines day has lasted the years? Well it seems there is more to it than just thesweet, sweet, mouth watering feeling you get as it melts in your mouth leaving you wanting more and more… Scientists now know that like tea and coffee, chocolate affects the chemical reactions already happening in our brains. Unlike tea and coffee however isn’t just a stimulant, it contains phenyl-ethylamine which is known to stimulate the release of dopamine in the brain released chocolate Enhances our pleasure centres and creates a sense of Euphoria and increases the heart rate similar to that of a person in love or in the summit of an orgasm both of which should go down well with the receiver of your gift.
Now, despite all of its psychotropic properties and ancient reputation, chocolate will probably not make a woman fall in love with you but giving her something delightful will definitely put you in her good books… Chocolate will also stimulate men’s pleasure centres so ladies do not be shy to purchase a box for your man, who knows what response you might get. For more check out St. Lucie Village Rat Removal

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