Finding Your Trigger

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If you’re like many people, you may find you struggle to keep optimal motivation levels from time to time. You go about your schedule and sometimes, you’re sufficiently motivated and prepared to work as hard as you possibly can. Other times, the opposite happens. What gives? When this occurs, it is vital to identify your triggers.
Let us look further at this concept so that you can discover how to use it and have sky-high motivation whatsoever times.
What Are Triggers? Triggers are essentially anything that is going to make you attempt to work as hard as possible to see a outcome.
As an example, it’s the reason why you are looking to get rid of weight. Why you are hitting the gym every day. Why you are saying no to pizza when it’s offered.
Your triggers dictate your ability to stick with your schedule and generally speaking, the stronger the trigger, the easier time you will have to maintain your motivation to continue.
Finding these powerful triggers is vital for your success.
How do you go about discovering your triggers? You must dig deep…
Now, at the surface level, you may think the primary reason that you want to lose weight is to look better. Moreover, that is very good, but it is in a surface level. Go further.
Why do you need to look better? What will looking better get you? Whom do you wish to look better for? What happens if you don’t look better?
Try answering these questions together with any others you may come up with that will help you better understand your triggers.
You may find you need to look better to recover the self-confidence you lost as a teen when you started putting on the weight and by doing so, you might feel as though you will approach life and your job otherwise, and if you do, it might mean career advancement.
Now you have a definite trigger. When you think of the piece of cake, think of this instead. If you would like to be successful and reach your goal, your trigger can enable you to say no to the piece of cake.
How do you use this wisely? What you will need to understand here is this exercise is not designed to make you feel bad about yourself. Instead, it is intended to help uncover the reason you are working so hard towards your objective.
If you have not taken the time to uncover your trigger or triggers, that is your first mistake and what’s going to cost you down the line. Your motivation will fail, and you will be back to square one.
Take a moment and find your trigger. It’s one of the greatest steps you can take to help achieve maximum success.
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